Start-up of 2x200 m3 LIN/LOX/LAR tanks

ISISAN, successfully completed the start-up operations of the cryogenic tanks which were manufactured for ASU, established in Serbia on 20-23 August 2014. Mr. Serdal Kara, Sales and Marketing Manager, who handled the operation of start-up and training for 2 pieces of 200m³ vertical engineered tank, declared that: "As ISISAN, we have reached a position of a secure and delicate brand which is prefered by globally giant companies. We have manufactured 12 pieces of engineered tanks with capacities between 200 m³ and 300 m³ last year. Within the first half of this year we have manufactured and delivered 7 pieces with ongoing manufacturing. ISISAN, is manufacturing those engineered tanks on the seperate manufacturing line with exclusive crew. We are offering an extensive engineering service by providing our customers 3D drawings with all accessories and pipings shown on those drawings just before the manufacturing process started.The design of the tanks will be done according to the field reports sent by the customer and this system defines ISISAN manufacturing principle as "tailor made production" . ISISAN will continue to put signature under the quality and specific jobs on manufacturing Engineered tanks with well supported and well appointed crew among the experience which obtained during many years. Mr. Volker Mueller, Sales and Marketing Manager - ISISAN Germany, also accompanied Mr. Serdal Kara during this operation also stated that; "ISISAN is a favored brand on the field of both standard and engineerd tanks among the European market. The evolvement of the company is in progress by defining a fresh goal everyday with high class, safe, after sales supported and suitable price principles.

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