Rev. No: 04

Health Safety Environment - Safety and Quality Policy


Isısan family adopted a policy of living and working in a clean environment with an open, sustainable, healthy and safe working life for all employees and their business partners in all fields of production and service. Isısan engaged to provide the conditions and resources that are below mentioned under the leadership of the management personnel:

   • Ensuring that employees are actively involved in relevant matters by becoming aware of the impact, which may have on occupational health and safety and the environment during all business processes and services related activities of our company.
   • Taking necessary precautions and documenting by analyzing an appropriate and effective manner the risks related to environment, occupational health and safety that may arise during the execution of our activities.
   • Implementation of all major training activities to clearly identify hazards by employees that may arise during workflow to reduce accidents and take necessary precautions.
   • Documenting the activities related with preventing environmental pollution and waste management and continuously improving the environmental performance by following the effectiveness of related practices.
   • Taking corrective and preventive actions for the control and disposal of occupational health-safety and environmental nonconformities, accidents, occupational diseases.
   • To measure the performance of employees and processes and to make the necessary feedback ongoing internal audits to ensure the protection and durability of our occupational health-safety and environmental management systems.
   • Continuous monitoring of sector requirements using national and international laws and regulations and ensuring compliance in every process.
   • Prevention of environmental pollution and identification of waste management activities and continuous improvement of environmental performance by monitoring the effectiveness of related applications.

Our slogan is "A Healthy Business Life and Environment".