Date :21.04.2015



    • Quality is our morality.

   • Being pleased with products that we will give to the customers is the inseparable part of our understanding of quality.

   • We say “Everything starts with customer” and arrange our business life according to this understanding.

   • We are like the parts of a total with our customers. Therefore, it’s our essential principle to meet the demands of our customers and even their customers in the most suitable way with regard to quality, price and time.

   • In ISISAN, all our staff are responsible for the quality of production and service.

   • Our target is to organize TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT approach in ISISAN.

   • To provide the traceability, continuous improvement and development of our quality in ISISAN, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management system will be integral part of the our working life.

   • Success will belong to all ISISAN staff.