• Quick Solution for LPG Business

    - Flexfill is ready to use, just connect to electric main and switch on.
    - Ideal for a new starting business.
    - Effective during maintenance and shut-off periods.
    - Includes all necessary machinery, piping and wiring.
    - Flexfill can be transported to anywhere.
    - For mobile operation we advise the option Flexfill mobile.


    Tank capacity 16 m³
    Dispensing capacity 60 li/min
    Cylinder filling (*) 50 cylinders/hr
    LPG Pump 3 - 4.5 m³/h 
    5,5 - 8,4 bar (diff)

    Standard Package

    LPG storage tank, equipped with baffle plate 1 pc.

    16 m³

    LPG dispenser 1 pc. Single hose
    LPG cylinder filling scale (*) 1 pc. <50 cylinder/hr
    Side channel LPG pump 1 pc. 3-4.5 m³/h
    Air compressor 1 pc. 2 Nm³/hr
    Electric panel, ex-proof 1 pc. 230/400 V 50 Hz
    Light fixture, ex-proof 1 pc. 60 W / 9-11 W
    Gas detector 2 pcs. Ex-proof
    Sunshade 1 pc. Aluminum
    Fire extinguisher 2 pcs. 6 kg.

    (*) The given capacity is for one filling scale, for domestic cylinder with 10-13 kg gas capacity. For filling camping or industrial cylinders, filling capacity will be proportional to the gas weight.


    Package with one filling scale, without dispenser
    Package with two filling scales, without dispenser
    Package with double hose dispenser, without any filling scales
    Extras for Flexfil Mobile; Electronic filling scale, truck meter resistant to road conditions, extra strong chassis,
    Voltage/frequency other than 
    230-400 Volt 50 Hz
    Protective aluminium cabinet with lock
    One pair of 2” LPG hoses, 
    6 m. length, 
    both ends with ACME 3 ¼” couplings

    - Flexfill is engineered and constructed according to NFPA 58.
    - All electric equipment of Flexfill has ATEX certification.
    - Equipment and machinery conforms the EU standards and has CE markings.
    - Performance of the machinery and equipment of Flexfill has proven by LPG industry.